Aug. 21, 2021

The Veil Is Thin & The All Witching Hour

The Veil Is Thin & The All Witching Hour

Why does it always seem like some of us wake up around 3 Am all the time? And why does it always seem like 3Am is the perfect time for paranormal activity? Also have you heard the term the veil is thin. Kind of creepy when you think of it in paranormal terms...  

This episode is all diving deep about the concept of the All Witching hour, and the term The Veil Is Thin. We answer the most common questions regarding why 3AM is considered the all witching hour and what it truly means “The Veil Is Thin.” In this episode we exchange theories, encounter stories, and share research we have done to come up with our final theories and conclusions about the veil being thin and the All witching hour! Dive deep with us as we get spooky on this episode! 

Next episode: The Veil Is THIN: The All Witching Hours

The next episode airing on Friday, August 20th will be talking all about the strange and unusual that happens around the all witching hour (3 am). Megan has some insane encounter stories that occurred around that time and also some theories as to why this might be a pretty active time of night. 


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