Oct. 25, 2022

The Urban Legend : Cropsey

The Urban Legend : Cropsey

An Urban Legend That Turned Into A True Crime Reality

Have you ever heard of the Urban Legend of Cropsey? Known around Staten Island as the Staten Island Boogie Man this legend was frequently told to kids residing in the Staten Island area as a warning to behave and not stay out too late. The urban legend was based around a man who was deranged and escaped from an insane asylum with a hook for a hand. Some stories have him swinging an axe. This story took a drastic turn in 1980s when parents' and kids' worst nightmare became a reality. In the area local kids had gone missing which started to create a stir into the whole Cropsey legend. The man responsible for this was Andre' Rand, a janitor local to the area living in an abandoned part of the Willow brook Reformatory School for Disabled Children. A school of nightmares. Dive into this episode us as we uncover the Cropsey Legend and briefly touch on the true crime aspect.

Small Disclaimer: This episode does talk about true crime elements so please be aware of that!

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