Feb. 13, 2022

The Devil's Place [Bobby Mackey's, Willow's Weep, Devils Tramping Ground And More]

The Devil's Place [Bobby Mackey's, Willow's Weep, Devils Tramping Ground And More]

In this episode we are diving into the real nit and gritty of spooky. As kind of a part 2 to the Portals To Hell episode we did back a bit ago... we are diving back down the rabbit hole of haunted locations that even the most experienced paranormal investigators and psychic mediums have trouble going. Up first on deck we talk about the infamous Bobby Mackey's. We go into the back stories of all the legends and lore behind why the place is so dark and theories by other people in the paranormal community of why this land and this building hold negative energy. Bobby Mackey's was one of the first places covered in episode 1 season 1 of Ghost Adventures and according to the guys this is a place they don't want to ever return. Since then it has been a go to for paranormal investigators. The next place is considered to be North America's most haunted location. It gives Megan similar vibes to the demon house and has a very dark past to it. Numerous deaths, suicide, and I'm sure it doesn't help that the aerial view of the house is that of an upside down cross. We also talk about some other locations like The Devil's Tramping ground, a castle that has a legend that the actual portal to hell is in the basement. So join us as we talk about the spookiest of spooky in this brand new episode! 

This week we have the honor of talking to Mike of War Party Paranormal who has been to a pretty dark location called the Devils Tree but the one in Florida. He discusses his experiences, and some of his most prolific investigations. Coming this Wednesday!

And then next week's episode is all about paranormal objects but specially around stones, amulets and talisman.

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