March 28, 2022

Shadow Walker Part 2: Dive Back Into Isaac's Abilities

Shadow Walker Part 2: Dive Back Into Isaac's Abilities

On this week's episode Isaac dives back into the conversation topic of his abilities. In this episode he discusses what he's learned so far, how his abilities have progressed and changed over the course of a couple months and talks about the mind forest. Isaac discusses his theories, research he's done, and evidence he's found out in regards to these abilities and why he has them.

Next week's topic: Our topic next week will be back focusing on the paranormal and will be on a topic that is super intriguing to Isaac and I and that's lucid dreaming. We are doing a part 3 to Dreams and focusing on solely lucid dreaming while incorporating stories that have been told to us and that we've found. 

As always you can reach us on our social media if you are interested in coming on as a guest or sharing your paranormal experience with us. 

If you are liking the intro and outro music it's actually a song called Stacy Dahl by a band called Maudlin. You can find more of their songs on Spotify and on YouTube and connect with them on their Instagram @_maudlin_. 

We actually have a really cool bonus episode with them as well if you wanna hear their paranormal experiences and more about them!