Stellar Show

100% recommend Hidden In The Shadows Podcast, 2 hosts that truly love the world of the paranormal and it shows in the work they do!


I love this podcast. It is amazing, fun and educational. I recommend Hidden in The Shadows to everyone.

Great paranormal podcast!

Just started getting into paranormal podcasts, this is a great one to start out with! Isaac and Megan share personal encounters while discussing researched theories and theories of their own. Very cool! Great hosts as well xx


One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!

Love it!

Very interesting I love this podcast 5/5 really good podcast


Absolutely down to earth and I’m amazed with all the stories I can relate to especially the premonition dreaming I never thought of it as an ability but it has happened my whole life and this show has made me want to explore more about it my sister and I always see events before they happen and we have friends that call us witches we laugh it off but this show has made me open my eyes to the possibility of an actual gift. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 keep it coming Megan along with your Bottom Belcher Isaac… 😂😂😂😂😂

Love it!

I found this podcast through their Instagram account and checked out their show… so glad I did! The hosts have a great dynamic and do some thorough research! I highly recommend you subscribe to this podcast! 5⭐️

Burly Bottom belch

Continuously great content. Megan and Isaac deliver so much; spooky, smart, funny, unique. You just love them more with each episode!!

Great show

Love the show, love the chemistry. Keep it up and keep em coming!!

Incredible podcast!

I fell in love with this podcast instantly. The chemistry between Megan and Isaac is impeccable and they are just so much fun to listen to! They are very authentic and genuine in their storytelling and the subject matter for their show is extremely interesting. I just finished listening to their episode about Black Eyed Children and oh my goodness...I am terrified!! (in a good way!) Such great sound quality as well, which I think is especially important for scary stories. Can’t wait to hear more from them!!


This is a really cool podcast. I love the the natural conversation style. The content is amazing. The fairy episodes was hilarious. BE

What If?

As they say in the Haunted Objects episode: what if? Like, what if you didn’t listen to this podcast? Well, you’d be missing out because HINS brings the spooks! Get in here!

My new go-to podcast for the commute to work!

Hidden in the Shadows podcast is really fascinating! Between the incredibly strange and diverse topics (like the wild Denver Airport conspiracies!!) and the great chemistry the hosts have, I can hardly stand the wait between episodes.

Super cool duo!

I just started listening to this show and LOVE it! Megan and Isaac have great chemistry and cover my fave paranormal topics with a new perspective. The Ouija board episode gave me chills! Check them out! You’re going to love them!!

Great Show!

I've really been enjoying the podcast. Isaac and Megan are a great duo, the topics are interesting, and the research is thorough.


Oh wow super scary show! But I can't stop listening!

Great new podcast!

So happy I found this podcast to listen to! Megan & Isaac talking about the paranormal is so natural. I feel like I’m hanging out with a couple of friends. It takes a lot to keep my attention but I was drawn in instantly by their banter. They have so many personal experiences to share and I’m excited to hear more. I grew up sensitive to spirits and hearing that Megan did too made her so relatable. Looking forward to more episodes from this dynamic duo.💀 Subscribe to this podcast, you will not be disappointed!!

A must listen

So ...let me tell you. A must listen podcast! This husband and wife duo have great chemistry. ! Kept me wanting to come back for more. If you are into the spooky and scary this is the podcast to listen to. Definitely a five star for me. I’m on board with the subscription. Highly recommend you do the same. Kudos to Hidden in the Shadows. Wishing them best of luck on their podcast endeavors.

Great new show

Megan and Issac are great and have a wonderful chemistry. They talk about creepy things and if you are into that, this is a podcast for you! Give them a listen.

A great podcast for sure!!

This podcast is a great listen! I love the energy between the hosts and the vibe of the whole show. The podcast artwork is also super rad. It is a great concept and I enjoy that they provide both personal stories and detailed research on the topics they cover! If you love the paranormal and creepy this podcast is a must. I can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Great job 🙌🏻🤩

great new podcast

Hosts Issac and Megan are down to earth and seem like the type of people I could grab a coffee with and chat about ghosts. I especially like the personal stories they include in their episodes.

Excellent podcast!

Fantastic podcast. Great chemistry between the hosts and they have SO MANY personal paranormal experiences. Love the topics and discussions, and it’s clear these are two credible sources when it comes to creepy and paranormal subjects. Highly recommend!