Jan. 15, 2022

Prophecies Part 2: The Year 2022

Prophecies Part 2: The Year 2022

With it officially being 2022, we thought it would only be right to open the year with another look into prophecies and what people like Nostradamus and Baba Vanga have to say about predictions going into the year 2022. Things such as advancements into AI technology, and virtual reality, extreme weather, and even aliens. Baba Vanga went as far as to predict an alien ship is going to attack Earth this year. We dive deep and analyze these theories and also talk about the trendy tik tok videos you see with people giving exact dates of events claiming that they are time travelers.  We also theorize a bit about our own feelings and predictions for 2022. 

Our next episode will be diving into North Carolina's most haunted city according to Treetopia's countdown of most haunted city in each state! The state we currently live in got Camp Lejeune which is a military base literally a hop, skip, and jump away from us. We'll dive into stories coming from residents living on base as well as the surrounding areas. Our story about the Black Eyed kids encounter on the episode "The Legend Of The Black Eyed Kids" took place in Camp Lejeune! It's definitely a more spookier episode, and one you don't want to miss. 
COMING OUT: Friday, January 21st 2022.

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