March 12, 2022

Paranormal Questions & Why's (Commonly Asked Questions About The Paranormal)

Paranormal Questions & Why's (Commonly Asked Questions About The Paranormal)

In this episode we are diving into a more neutral conversation topics and throwing in our own experience and theories on the most commonly asked paranormal questions. We dive into the idea of Why Mirrors Are Portals? Why Are Bathrooms A Common Haunt Place? What Are Good Questions To Ask During An EVP Sessions? All of these questions we answer and more and share a bit of our own experience and our personalized theories on the subjects. 

Next Week's Episode is all about the weird phenomena known as Ghost Calls. What is that exactly? The idea for next week's episode all started when Megan saw a story time on Tik Tok about a girl who said she had gotten a voice message of her grandfather well after he was deceased. Upon research there is tons of paranormal encounters of this happening. Even 911 calls. In that episode we dive into our own theories about this, share encounter stories, and also share what others have theorized about the subject. 

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