July 20, 2022

Kids And The Paranormal

Kids And The Paranormal

[Encounter Stories, Abilities, And Theories]

Throughout our paranormal endeavors we have talked with our share of psychic mediums and people who have experienced the paranormal. A lot of these stories that are shared with us on why people have gotten involved in the paranormal, or even with abilities seem to stem from an encounter they had at a very young age. A lot of these stories were told to their parents but their parents shook it off as nothing but has been a core memory to push them further and further into the paranormal field. We wanted to dive into those stories and talk about encounters that kids have had with the paranormal. In this episode we dive into Megan and Isaac's personal experiences as kids with the paranormal, share some other encounter stories, and then round off the episode about why it is we think this happens. Why are kids more sensitive to the paranormal?

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