Aug. 17, 2021

Highway Tales

Highway Tales

Imagine .. nothing but highway. It's're the only one in the car and all you want to do is be home. Whatever is going on you keep getting an eerie feeling and you keep telling yourself not to look around. Keep your eyes on the road and the drive will be over soon. The stretch of highway, the darkness engulfed by the trees, and the only light is coming from the moon and your headlights. You take a peek into your rearview mirror and you swear you saw someone in the backseat. Your car comes to a screeching halt to find that nobody is in the back seat. 

This episode is all about those paranormal stories experienced on desolate highways and roads. This episode is definitely one you might wanna leave the lights on for. Join us as we visit personal encounters, Reddit Experience stories, and some even local ones. We hope you enjoy this one and until next time...we'll catch you, weirdos, in the next one.

Next episode: The Veil Is THIN: The All Witching Hours

The next episode airing on Friday, August 20th will be talking all about the strange and unusual that happens around the all witching hour (3 am). Megan has some insane encounter stories that occurred around that time and also some theories as to why this might be a pretty active time of night. 


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