Jan. 22, 2022

Haunted Camp Lejeune

Haunted Camp Lejeune

On the eastern part of North Carolina in a small city of Jacksonville is a military base called Camp Lejeune. One of the biggest bases on the east coast, and officially been voted "The Most Haunted City In North Carolina" by a paranormal poll taken by a website called Treetopia. They took paranormal experience stories and managed to create a 50 state list with one city voted Most Haunted in each state. If you ask different people some agree with this chart and others do not but one thing we can attest to is that Camp Lejeune is haunted. 

Camp Lejeune is a very local spot to us and we have heard crazy experience stories from local people in the area that live on Camp Lejeune and surrounding cities. Come dive into what's happening at Camp Lejeune with us in this episode with encounter stories of marines and family members living one base, urban legends such as the man bear creature living in the words, a black eyed kids encounter story, and apparitions such as the lady in white and the world war 2 marine. 

We also dive into lore, and history of the surrounding area and fill the rest of the episode with our own encounter stories, and our own theories of some of the locations around the area. 

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