Sept. 8, 2021

Ed And Lorraine Warren

Ed And Lorraine Warren

When looking through well known paranormal investigators or people engulfed in the work of paranormal research a few names popped up.  Married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren are normally at the top of the list. Self taught demonologist Ed Warren and Clairvoyant Lorraine Warren dove into some of the most prolific cases such as the Amityville Horror case, The Devil made me do it case, The Conjuring house and countless others. A lot of their work has been made into movies...while the movies were probably exaggerated they still paved a way for future paranormal investigators and normalcy in taking the paranormal field as a respectable field. 

This episode is diving full force into the prolific cases, while analyzing our theories and opinions and really diving into what could potentially have been exaggerated in the movies. 

Next episode: Ley Lines

The next episode airing on Friday, September 10th  2021, is all about the interesting theory of Ley Lines. Ley Lines are "straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks". Have you heard of Ley Lines before? Join us next week as we break down what they are, our theories, and research theories and we answer the question "Could Isaac's childhood ranch that he's experienced paranormal activity on..could there be ley lines there?"


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