Feb. 16, 2022

Bonus Episode With Mike

Bonus Episode With Mike

We are back at it with another awesome bonus episode! In this episode Isaac interviews paranormal investigator Mike with War Party Paranormal. While this is the first bonus episode with Mike, this isn't the first time he's shared his insight and experiences with us. You may have seen or heard Mike on the second episode of the Paranormal Roundtable we did back in October. In this particular episode Isaac dives deep with him on everything paranormal and paranormal investigating. Mike shares some of his insight and also his personal experiences at a place known as The Devils Tree in Florida. 

Wanna check out more about Mike?  Check out his social medias listed below and his team! Mike is always sharing paranormal content and content from places he's investigated with his team. 

Instagram: @fla_paranormal_researcher
Tik Tok: @fla_paranormalresearcher
Website: flaparanormalresearcher.com

War Party Paranormal
Youtube Channel: War Party Paranormal

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