Oct. 15, 2021

Bonus Episode with Mike P

Bonus Episode with Mike P

Welcome to the first episode of the bonus episode content for the spooky season! For those that don't know October is one of our favorite times of the year!  And with that being said we love brining on special people during the month of October that are engulfed in the paranormal community in different aspects. 

On this episode we have Mike P from Shadow Walker Paranormal! With Mike's extensive knowledge in personal experience and with knowledge of the paranormal Isaac interviews him on what it's like to be there for an exorcism and to go to places with intense energy! 

This episode is definitely one to roll into the spooky season with and we highly suggest you keep the lights on when you listen! 

Want to know more about Mike or reach out to Shadow Walker Paranormal?
Check out their social media and you can catch more of Mike on the second episode of The paranormal Round table coming to YouTube on October 15th and then to where you can listen to podcasts on October 18th! 

Shadow Walker Paranormal Socials
Tik Tok: @shadowwalkerparanormal
Twitter: @Shadowwalkerpa1
Instagram: @shadowwalkerparanormal
Facebook: Shadow Walker Paranormal

All direct links to Shadow Walker Paranormal in their Instagram bio! 

*ALERT: New Intro Music**
We also have brand new intro and outro music by an awesome band called Maudlin! You can find their socials below as well! And you can download the full song on Spotify! Song name is Stacy Dahl! But they have tons of really cool music as well! 

Instagram: @_maudlin_

Special thanks to them and to Mike for coming on!