Oct. 7, 2020

Bonus Episode: Mariah from @Halloweengirlforever

Bonus Episode: Mariah from @Halloweengirlforever

Welcome to our bonus episodes! Special to the spooky season, the bonus episodes serve as a way to get to know other paranormal podcasters, paranormal investigators, and others in the paranormal universe! We dive into a casual conversation about all things spooky, paranormal, their personal endeavors in the paranormal world, the future of their endeavors, and of course Halloween.

In our fourth episode of the bonus episode series, Megan dives deep into conversation with Mariah from the haunted, and horror Instagram @Halloweengirlforever. In this episode, Megan and Mariah talk a bit about paranormal experiences, Halloween memories, and about Mariah's endeavors with being a medium as well as with her Instagram, podcast, and the future of all of these. 

To get in contact with Mariah, and all her endeavors make sure to check out her Instagram: @halloweengirlforever. 

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