March 14, 2021

What Is The Hidden In The Shadows Podcast?

What Is The Hidden In The Shadows Podcast?


Welcome to the first official blog post of the Hidden In The Shadows Podcast. A paranormal podcast where we talk about anything strange and unusual in the paranormal world while bringing forth our own paranormal experiences. This is where we expose and conversate about anything that is technically Hidden In The Shadows. 


Hey, what’s up? My name is Megan, I’m one half of the duo that is the Hidden In The Shadows podcast. We decided to ramp up our content sharing by turning topics we talk about weekly on the podcast and provide additional content on the blog featuring new posts twice a week (Monday and Wednesday). For the first blog post, I thought it would only be right to formally introduce us as a podcast, what we do, how we got started, and the premise behind Hidden In The Shadows. And then the next couple of blog posts will be about each of us individually just to learn more about us and our experience. 


What has Hidden IN The shadows again?

 So we are a paranormal podcast. We talk about all sorts of topics regarding the paranormal. Which by definition is anything that science can’t technically explain yet. And I say yet with the hope that one day the paranormal will be a respected science. We have covered a vast amount of topics so far such as The Black Eyed Children legend, aliens, cryptids, Fairy Folk, Scariest Things in The Woods, America’s Haunted Hotspots, Terrors Of The Deep, Our Own Paranormal Experiences, and many more. So far we have over 48 binge-worthy episodes just chilling on any platform that you can listen to podcasts. And we hope to cover many more topics such as telekinesis, more on America’s Hot Spots. Sign up for our newsletter to get more up-to-date on upcoming episodes and our once-a-month newsletter gives you a preview for the month ahead. 


Where did the name Hidden In The Shadows come from?

Hidden In The Shadows came forth just trying to describe what we wanted to talk about. We had names such as “A Walk Amongst the Tombstones” “Stories Amongst The Grave” and a couple of others. Ultimately we didn’t feel they matched the broad range of topics we wanted to cover. And one random day, at a random time. Shadows popped into my (Megan's) head. And then Isaac filled in the blanks to Hidden In The Shadows. 


Will you guys ever change your logo and where did the idea come from?

So we used a pretty creative guy off the freelance website Fiverr. If you haven’t checked that site out, definitely do so. It’s a huge freelance website where people do creative design, music snippets, and more at a pretty decent price. We reached out to someone that caught our eye and they ended up making a pretty awesome logo by what we had described to him. As far as changing it, not right now but that might be something in the future. 


What’s a Topic you want to cover? Or Were Excited to Cover?

So for me (Megan) for sure the Black-Eyed Children was always a legend I was terrified of so doing extensive research not only terrified me even more (I couldn’t answer the door for a couple of weeks) but it’s always been one that intrigued me as well. And I would say the “My Ghost Story” ones are always fun because they specifically talk about our experience not only with our abilities but just with the paranormal in general. 


What are some future endeavors for Hidden In The Shadows?

Hopefully a lot of things. There is a bunch of stuff we want to do and funny enough doing this blog and starting an official website where you guys can come read about more creepy and spooky content was definitely on our list. We want to do more interviews with guests, and get to know more of you guys! Cover more interesting topics and if there is ever a topic you want us to cover. Reach out! 


Are you guys just on Instagram?

We are not just on Instagram. We are on a couple of different social media sites. I’ll list all the names below to be able to find us. Make sure you follow us on all of them to stay in the “know” about all upcoming things and make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to get digital goodies as well as know what's coming up for the next month. 


So if you made it made it to the end of the first official blog post! We are super excited to get this started and going. And hope you will stick around! 


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