Sept. 30, 2022

We Were Featured In..

One of our favorite episodes to cover during our two years podcasting was definitely the haunted New Orleans episode! In that episode, we dove into some of the most known haunted legends and spots such as the legend behind the Casket Girls, LaLaurie Mansion and so much more! With that being said, we were recently featured in an article all about the haunted spots in New Orleans! Make sure to check out the small snippet of the article below and check out the full articles with tons of cool insight and advice about checking out the haunted locations of New Orleans.
Here's a snippet from the article: "There is something spooky and intriguing about haunted houses. Maybe it's the house's history or the previous occupants' stories. Or, perhaps it's just the feeling you get when standing in a spooky room. Whatever the reason, haunted houses have always been a popular topic of conversation, especially in New Orleans. The city is full of them, and you can even take tours to visit some of the most famously haunted houses in the city. So, whether you’re a believer in ghosts or are simply interested in history and architecture, it’s the season to explore haunted houses. To help you get started, we gathered some of the creepiest haunted houses and places in New Orleans, along with spooky insights from locals. But, reader beware, you might need to sleep with a nightlight."
We can't thank the RedFin blog enough for wanting to ask us for advice and introduce us in an article! Make sure to check out tons of their other cool articles!