Megan's Abilities

Megan's Abilities

Welcome to the podcast blog page where we talk about everything that hides in the shadows..the strange..the bizarre..and at times the down right creepy. However in this blog post the spookiness is set aside for a bit to truly talk about an important aspect of us and the paranormal as well as a question we frequently get asked...Megan's Abilities. Megan is going to take you to the very beginning and answer some of the most asked questions regarding her abilities! {A separate blog post will be for Isaac's}


The Background

So where did these abilities start? When was I able to start seeing entities and spirits? Well honestly the first memories I have as far back as I can go has been around the paranormal and seeing things. My abilities are actually generational and come from my mothers side. My grandmother has abilities and so does my mom. With that being said the reaction to me telling my parents about the stuff I was seeing at a young age was pretty interesting. The first memories I have or as far back as I can remember is about age 3 years and I would see random shadow figures as well as entities that looked like how you and I currently seeing people. I would recall memories or recall details about people that were dead. Over the years as a child going from about 3 years till about 8 years the activity was all the time and very vivid. I remember my mom would have to come early to pick me up from sleep overs because I'd start talking about a deceased relative of the person's house I was staying over. Needless to say the parents were freaked out. With that being said it was imperative for my mom to kind of put a cap on what I was seeing and I believed she hoped it would eventually stop or I would ignore what I was seeing. The best way for me to describe or give you an accurate representation of how I would see these entitles was from the 1990's movie "The Sixth Sense." The movie absolutely terrified me and I believe that was why. It resonated with me so much that it scared the crap out of me, but that's exactly how I would see the entities when I was younger. 


The Hat Man And The Girl

The most prevalent or entity that I remember distinctively was when I was about 5 years old and it was the well known shadow figure called The Hat Man and a little girl that would occupancy him as he would appear. Now both entities I didn't get a bad vibe from. The girl basically kept telling me her story over and over again while the Hat Man would just stand by my closet door and look at me as I would lay in bed. At this particular moment or time period in my life we lived in a trailer in a town about an hour away from where we currently live called Wilmington. For those of you that don't know we live on the east coast of North Carolina. I hated sleeping alone at night and to cope with that I would sleep with the TV on. The sound and the light helped me fall asleep. So this was like mid to late nineties. I wanna say about 1999. My bedroom was across the house compared to where my parents were. I noticed a couple nights in my TV would go static. I told my mom about this but she passed it off as nothing. And I should just try to ignore that. Little did I know the static was the foretelling of the Hat Man and the girl appearing. The girl went on to tell me night after night about how she was killed, and her family life. She was only about seven years old, 1970s attire, glasses, and very thin. After about a month of seeing them on and off I never saw them again until I had a psychic pick up on her as I was starting to further dive into my abilities. I can't remember if it was Pam or Peggy but she managed to pick up on her. Not much was discovered except a couple warnings for myself. 


Parents Response To Abilities

My parents response wasnt bad but it wasnt embraced either. My mom having shut her abilities out as well didn't want me to fully embrace my abilities for the fear that I'd see too much stuff. My dad on the other hand is a sceptic so he normally trys to find a rational explanation for everything and doing so with my abilities. In their defense its hard to have