Frequently Asked Questions With Megan About Abilities

Hello! I'm Megan! One of the co hosts of the paranormal podcast Hidden In The Shadows. I also handle the social media aspect of the podcast. I also am the psychic medium on the paranormal investigation team Shadow Walker Paranormal. On the podcast I frequently talk about my experiences and my abilities. I tend to bring them into play when I'm talking about my own experiences. Its been requested quite a few times about me doing an episode just covering abilities. And while I'm still working on that I thought I'd ask some of YOUR most frequently asked questions! 


Question 1: In terms of investigating how do you protect yourself?

So for me because I'm also an empath I feel energy a lot and full force at times, especially if the land or building is super active. Protection I feel is something that's important but is very individualized to you as a person. It's what resonates with YOU and what makes YOU feel comfortable! So depending on you it might be to carry religious symbols like a cross necklace or Archangel Michael Medallion. Or you might be more pulled to crystals or even runes. Protection herbs, salts, oils. It's all your preference. For myself personally I use a mixture of all of what I listed. I also know for myself cleansing before and after, praying before and after, and then setting the boundary while I'm at a location and when I leave that nothing can attach itself to me and also to not let myself get overwhelmed while I'm there is extremely important. 


Question 2: How long have you been embracing your abilities?

So for me embracing my abilities didn't fully come till a couple years ago. I accepted a lot of this as a kid but once I got older and definitely into my teenage years I was fully repressive. I just didn't want to deal with it on top of everything that teenagers tend to have to deal with. Embracing my abilities felt very scary. But I'm more pleased with my journey so far now that I fully embraced it. While I was scared of what I was gonna see or possibly see I now have way more control on what energies and what entities are allowed around me and what I allow myself to communicate with. 


Question 3: Do I ever get overwhelmed by people's energies?

So like I was saying before I have empath abilities as well. Meaning people. place. and even things I can feel the energy. While the control is there on what I allow my stuff to feel there are times where it can get overwhelming. When I was a teenager and kid it was always school settings that bothered me the most but currently it can be grocery stores. I tend to shop either early morning or at night to avoid all the contact with people. And if I can do pick up at locations to not go in I will. With that being said I don't NOT go shopping because of crowds or the overwhelming feeling. It's just more comfortable for me to go when there's not a lot of people. And needless to say ALL this takes practice. Everything I'm mentioning in this article. Protection: Takes practice, trial and error for what works for you. Meditation is the same way. And controlling the energies and boundaries. It all takes practice. It's important not to be too hard on yourself. And allow everything to come naturally.