Bonus Episodes: 2021

Welcome to the podcast where we fully embrace the strange, the unusual, the bizarre and sometimes the creepy. We try our best to uncover the paranormal subjects that are Hidden In The Shadows. This is the blog that correlates with the podcast! 


In this blog post we wanted to highlight all the amazing guests we've had so far on the podcast. Bonus episodes is a regular extra content we do on random Wednesdays throughout the year. We interview people near and far that are engulfed in the paranormal community. And dive deep into what they do as well as talk upon subjects that are frequently talked about in the paranormal community! The end of the year is gonna be here before we know it and wanted to truly say thank you, and pay homage to all that have graced the podcast platform here on Hidden In The Shadows! 


Bonus Episode with Cosmic Miggy

Cosmic Miggy is an awesome paranormal Tik Toker with well over 318.5K followers and over 3.1 Million likes on Tik Tok he has truly covered some interesting paranormal tik toks. With each video being under 3 minutes he is able to cover the basis of tons of different paranormal topics. If you like the strange and unusual explained in a really great format quick..seriously recommend checking him out. He came on the podcast with Isaac on September 22nd, and blew Isaac's mind with paranormal encounters stories and his personal background story on how he got into the paranormal and what truly made him start talking about the paranormal more on his channel. On his Tik Tok he has talked about this like being an empath, ghost caught on film, the demon house, mission to space, scariest places, Aliens, Bragg Lights, Haunted Dolls, Poltergeist, and so much more. You can also check out his YouTube for more in-depth content and to hear his podcast! He is definately someone you don't want to miss in the paranormal community and is someone we enjoyed having give his insight and tell his stories on the podcast! 


Bonus Episode with Peeta from Ethereal Sisters Paranormal

We absolutely enjoy anytime we get to talk with Peeta from Ethereal Sisters Paranormal! We cross collab alot and this past September she came on a bonus episode of ours where she talked about living with her haunted mirror and a very prominent and scary moment in her teen years revolving around the mirror. This wasn't Peeta's first time coming on Hidden In The Shadows though. Her first time coming on was back in May! We also took a dive at going on a live podcast on Peeta's Youtube where Isaac and I shared our own experiences and more about our abilities. Peeta has really great investigation content on her youtube and on her Instagram! Peeta has been on investigations such as York Cemetery, Fair Bridge, Jarrahdale, and so much more. Another really awesome fact about Peeta is she's from Ausltralia so hearing her persective being across the world literally on the paranormal and what goes on over there with the paranormal is really facinating. Make sure to check out Peeta over on Instagram and on her Youtube. She has over 93 amazing videos to binge watch and get into the paranormal this spooky season! 


Bonus Episode with Erica

Back in May we had the awesome privilege of interviewing the very cool rocker tik toker Erica LeAnn. With over 276 K followers and 3.9 Likes on Tik Tok she is definitely taking the rock community by storm. We brought her on when we did the weekly episode on music and the paranormal. The astonishing amount of incorporation of metal and rock music and the paranormal is pretty significant. That's not all thought, Erica is a huge fan of the paranormal and urban exploring. During the interview we went over a variety of different topics from sharing experiences with music and the paranormal, how she urban explores and what her future looks like in the future with the paranormal and with her tik tok account! Megan absolutely loved having the opportunity to talk to her because of Erica's down to earth and very knowledgeable insight on rock music. If you're a fan of rock music, highly encourage you check her out and this bonus episode! Where two world meld perfectly!


Bonus Episode with Erin from Starton Family Crystals (April Episode: 

So we always refer to Erin from Starton Family Crystals as 'our crystal lady." This family owned business based in California is truly amazing. If you're looking to buy crystals that are ethically sourced we highly recommend checking them out! Erin hopped onto an episode with Isaac back in April to futher explain the paranormal and the connection with crystals. Very knowledge..Erin truly has a gift to show you exactly what crystals you need and about the properties of the crystals in general! If you're into crystals, the paranormal, and just down right cool people. This is a bonus episode you don't want to miss and we really think you should check out Starton Family Crystals on Instagram! 


Bonus Episode with Cosmic Miggy