Feb. 2, 2022

Behind-The-Scenes Interview With Cory

Behind-The-Scenes Interview With Cory

This week's episode is all about urban exploring and the stories and experiences urban explorers have encountered while going from place to place. We wanted to highlight their stories because what they do is definitely interesting and sometimes the two worlds of urban exploration and paranormal collide even when it's not intended to. We knew for this week's episode we had to reach out and get the perspective of an urban explorer that we know has had paranormal experiences and we thought of no other than Cory Med from Cory Med Explores. Cory had jumped onto episode one of the paranormal roundtables we did back in October and blew up out of the water with his encounter stories and his perspective on the paranormal. You can officially catch his bonus episode with Isaac out today on all available platforms! Here's a behind-the-scenes interview with Cory himself on how he got into urban exploring and his most insane finds exploring abandoned places.

Cory's Photo at an abandoned location

When did you start urban exploring?

May of 2020


Has there ever been a location you've went to that was just too much?

The one mental hospital that I broke my ankle at and also got Lyme disease from. Seems like every time I return something bad happens. 


What has been the creepiest place you've been to?

I would have to say this state school for younger boys. Seeing the padded rooms and knowing how they were treated there really upset me.


Are there any locations you are wanting to visit? Either on your paranormal bucket list or exploring bucket list?

For urban exploring the two that are at the top of my list are the Six Flags New Orleans and Pripyat, Chernobyl. And then for the paranormal the place at the top of my list would be Waverly Hills Sanatorium. 

Cory's photo at an abandoned location

When you go to your location to urban explore what is the first thing you tend to do?

Look for an accessible entrance and grab the flashlight. 


Do you bring any equipment with you when you go?

I usually carry a spirit box and rem pod in with my camera gear and a flashlight. 


Has there ever been anything crazy that you have found while urban exploring? Any kind of weird ritual stuff or medical devices?

Lots of satanic symbols we're found places in basements set up for crazy rituals. Mostly see these in abandoned mental hospitals or state schools. Some of the equipment I've found such as electroshock therapy machines, bone stretchers, the list goes on. 

Cory's photo at an abandoned location

Have you always been into the paranormal? 

When I did my first hospital or sanatorium I was exploring it and I heard stuff I knew had to be paranormal related. I couldn't explain it and it would happen every time I went. So I decided to grab a few of my closest friends, make a group and see if we could uncover what this was. Find the answers. 


What endeavors or goals do you have for this year 2022 in terms of urban exploring, and getting your content out there?

Now that I've polished off on my photography, I plan on releasing more YouTube videos. My plans would be to try and get my work out there as much as I can threw social media and podcasts. I want everyone to see my content. And everyone else's content so they can enjoy the urban exploring and paranormal as much as I do. Big goal would be to make it to Chernobyl this year! 

Exclusive Photo: Cory's

Do you have any tips for anybody looking to start urban exploring?

1. Don't ever explore alone.

2. Always make sure your prepared for the worst. Bring extra batteries, water, and a small first aid kit. 

3. Do as much research as you can before to make sure it's truly abandoned. 


Where can everyone find you?



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With that being said and the conclusion of the behind-the-scenes interview with Cory. We can't thank him enough for coming on and sharing his experiences. As we start looking at evidence produced at abandoned buildings, and places going out to these places, not only is this dangerous, but it can lead you right into a paranormal experience. With that being said, we can't give enough props to these paranormal investigators and urban explorers that go out, seek answers, and tackle the true unknown. They give buildings and abandoned buildings a second look that normal people wouldn't. Buildings and places that have been engulfed with time. They go and they find answers, whether it's investigating or just capturing what once was. We highly suggest checking out Cory's content and any of the other urban explorers we mention in this episode coming out Friday. As always, thank you for reading this blog post. And we'll catch you weirdos in the next one.


Disclaimer: All photos used on this blog post belong to Cory Med who has more amazing abandoned and urban exploring content available on all his social media.