Nov. 1, 2022

2022 Halloween LIVE Podcast Episode

2022 Halloween LIVE Podcast Episode

Live from Patsy's Pond

For this year's Halloween episode we definitely wanted to switch it up. For 2022 we decided to take you to a local location that we've been mentioning quite a bit here on the Hidden In The Shadows Podcast during the haunted updates each episode. Patsy's Pond is located in Newport, NC and is essentially a nature trail but the unique thing about this spot is the sink holes. Sink holes essentially endless leave the imagination open as to what exactly has been put into the water since the earlier days of the land. This area served as a huge fresh water supply location for not only the Croatan Tribes here but for the settlers. The history around the area has everything from Pirates, settlements, civil war, revolutionary war, multiple battles, slavery, and so much more in terms of history. A lot of the recent places we've been to connect to this location and we thought why not talk about our experience here while doing a LIVE podcast episode.

Disclaimer: This does have a disclaimer as well. Since this was done as a live podcast episode on our Instagram its not as heavily edited as our regular episodes and has a different flow then our normal podcast. Either way we hope you enjoy this episode and Happy Halloween!


We'll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What's coming next? : First episode in the month of November will be covering haunted locations in San Antonio/Austin area.


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We have tons of new content coming your way for the remainder of the year so stay tuned!

Also there was suppose to be add-ins of clips of the whistling and everything however the clips were acting funky. So instead Isaac and I will be doing a bonus episode in the next week or so with ALL our evidence and everything from all 3 trips we went out to Patsy's Pond.

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