Hidden In The Shadows Podcast

Hidden In The Shadows Podcast

Hidden In The Shadows is a paranormal podcast hosted by married duo Isaac and Megan. Featuring conversations that talk about everything and anything that hides in the shadows. Aliens, ghost, lore, vampires, crazy creatures, mermaids. Anything that’s not normally talked about, we talk about.

Recent Episodes

Haunted Locations With A Pirate Backstory [Hammock House, Teach's Hole, And The Pirate House Restaurant]

June 21, 2022

Going into this week we sat down to talk about haunted locations with a pirate backstory. While there's not very many locations that specifically talk about pirate legends we did manage to find a couple. Two locations locate…

Multidimensional Theories

June 9, 2022

On this episode we dive into Multidimensional Theories and topics revolving around 4D and 5D. We have an open discussions around our theories and some ideas around concepts that have been talked about by other paranormal ent…

Gnomes & Duendes [Encounter Stories, Lore Behind The Legend, And More]

May 17, 2022

In this episode we dive into the theories and paranormal encounters of the Gnome and The Duendes. We retell a couple encounter stories as well as our own theories about what they could be. We share researched theories and ac…

The Watchers [The Book of Enoch, The Nephilim, And The Anunnaki Theory]

May 10, 2022

Fallen Angels and The Theory Of Giants

Witchcraft: Could Witchcraft Be An Ancient Form Of Technology?

May 2, 2022

For the past couple of weeks Isaac and I have been tossing around this idea about witchcraft and could it possibly be a form of ancient technology to kind of hack or go deeper into the spiritual realm? We saw a couple videos…

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